Bootster for Dnn

The Dnn Bootster theme for Dnn uses Bootstrap version 4.0.0. All features of Bootstrap CSS, Components and Javascripts can be used within the skin.

To find out more about Bootstrap I would suggest you to read up on the framework and become familier with it to get the best out of the Bootster theme. Click here to go to the official Bootstrap site

Theme information

  • Dnn theme created by Geoff Barlow,
  • Open Source: MIT License
  • Minimum DNN version: 08.00.00+
  • Bootstrap: Bootstrap v4.0.0
  • Layouts: 5 skin layouts: 
    • Home skin
    • Inner skin (standard skin)
    • 404 skin (for page not found)
    • Admin skin (for admin pages)
    • Modal skin for popup like the login so that the skin displays correctly on mobile devices
  • Containers: 37.
  • 18 color schemes (themes)
  • 10 different page headers
  • 12 different social button styles and sizes
  • 27 different social network buttons
  • 15 different list styles
  • and much more

Theme download

The DnnBootster theme and source can be downloaded from Github. Please choose below which version you would like to use.


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Over 18 color schemes to choose from


Easy to customize and make the theme yours


Bootster is responsive right out of the box

Easy to use

Bootster is simple to change to your needs

DnnBootster and 2sxc work great together!

The DnnBootster and the new 2sxc responsive Bootstrap 3 Content Design Templates are match made in heaven.

Now its even easier to create a professional looking sites with Dnn, the Free Bootster theme and 2sxc
Available are 27 well designed Bootstrap 3 templates which include:

  • Basic content layouts for general content
  • Layouts for images and galleries etc.
  • Layouts with links and columns etc.
  • Location layouts for Google maps and address details
  • Person layout to create digital business cards etc.
  • Video layouts that are responsive

To download the install, click here
For docs and info on how to use the templates, click here For information about the templates, click here to read the blog from 2SIC
To download the source, click here
For technical details about the source and how to use, click here