Bootster :: Features

Bootster Bootstrap features

The Bootster Dnn theme is based on Bootstrap 3.3.6 and all features of the framework can be used in this skin.

For an extra we have added the Font Awesome font icon library to the skin so you have a choice of using the built in icons (Glyphicons) of Bootstrap or Font Awesome icons.

A list of the features of Bootstrap can be found below:

  • Click here for : CSS elements which include typography, the grid, tables etc.
  • Click here for : Components which include dropdowns, labels, badges, thumbnails etc.
  • Click here for : Javascript componetns which include Models, tabs, tooltips etc..
  • Click here for : a list of Glyphicons used in Bootstrap
  • Click here for : a list of Font Awesome icons that you can use

Bootster customization features

We have built the Bootster Theme to try and make it as eassy as possible for people to use and customize. this is done by breaking the skin into sections which can be found in the 'include' directory of the skin install folder.

Colored themes

We have spit the color into separate css files which allows you to either use one of the many color themes which come with the install as standard or for you to customize the Bootster theme to your own color scheme.

To see a list of colors we have packaged with the Bootster theme, click here.

Skin Sections

We have split the skin into seperate sections, topbar, header, menu, page title, content, footer and footer legal section.

All of these sections can be customized by eight editing the relative include files or creating and including them in the main skin file.

Pane layouts

The grid layout uses the Bootstrap columns to create panes for Dnn. Below is the standard pane layout which is installed with the Bootster theme, these pane layouts can easily be changed by editing an include file in the skin install directory. We strongly recomment that you copy the '_content-panes.ascx' file and delete the rows and columns that you do not need for your website.

To see the standard pane layout of the Bootster them, click here.